Look at the cool valve train parts. These are almost too pretty to use in the motor.
  Use your favorite assembly lube and drop in the lifters. We use this very special formula of lube which we purchased at Smitty's(along with bagels and a small propane heater)in Phoenix at 5a.m. on the morning of the first Holiday Classic. We set a Tiger Racing record that morning, seeing 23 degrees inside the TRT transporter. brrr
  Slip the rockers on the studs and screw down the rocker adjuster. Liberally (oops, not a good word to use these days)coat your parts with lube.
  Adjust your valves to .004" cold.
  Kathy assembles the aerospace quality Cometic valve cover gaskets. Make sure you get two gaskets, oil shroud and cover on in the proper order.