After you assemble and install the piston rings, sink the piston into the installer supplied in the tool kit.

***warning-Please take the time to read and understand the ring installation instructions supplied by Wiseco with the piston.

  After seating the piston/rod/installer against the block deck and generously lubing your cylinder bore with your favorite assembly lube(back away from Cisco for this operation),the piston should slip happily into the bore.
  Take special care to line up the timing mark on the crankshaft with the holes on the cam gear.
  Grease up the main bearing and seal. Fit the gasket in please. (Have you EVER seen a multi-layer NASA spec gasket in karting?)
  Gently fit the side cover to the block and insert the side cover screws. Torque to the spec supplied in the assembly guide and viola! you have a lump.
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