Preassembly-page 2
  It is a good idea to grease the guide pins prior to installation. Look at that gorgeous combustion chamber.
  Visually inspect the crank. Make sure all bearing surfaces are free from damage.
  Note the red box. Kathy is using the cool seal installer provided in the assemby kit. It also makes for a very high tech air hockey paddle.

I had Kathy lap the valves as practice or making me a chocalate cake later that day. Burris and Yamaha state that valve lapping isn't mission critical, but it is not a bad thing to do if the motor is already apart.

  She then installed the rocker arm studs and the guild plate. Note the embossed area on the plate is aim upward.
  Next, she installed the studs. First, running them in by hand. Yamaha castings are so accurate and well machined, that studs thread in easily.
  She then tighted the studs 1/4 turn after hand tight with the stud installer supplied in the accessory kit.
  DO NOT forget to intall the valve guide seal.
  The valve/retainer/keeper installation is pretty generic. What is cool is the cooler coated intake and exhaust valve springs. Kinda like eating at Denny's-the menu has pictures of all the food and you just have to point and say "I want dat one!"
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