Here is the Mad Science Hayabusa powered dragster shortly after finishing the car. Note
the trailer in the background. We discovered our car was two feet longer than the trailer.
Good friend Don Bootes engineered an extension.
The car is a 2008 McGee McPhantom junior comp car that was "enhanced" for 1/4 mile big kid duty.
Phil McGee made the cage area larger (I'm 6'2") and I had him upgrade the front end(beefy spindles
larger wheels, dragster front tires). The car goes straight and is NHRA certified to 7.50.

Crew chief Kathy and the unclothed McPhantom. The welding and fitment are beautiful, but you
would kind of expect that from a guy who designed and built his own 4 valve Top Fuel motor. We
left the chassis unpainted to help us with periodic checks of the joints and welds.

The chassis is elegant and thoughtfully engineered.
Phil McGee, when I ordered the car from him, found me a $2500 2003 Hayabusa. The fuel cell
and radiator live between me and the motor. The rear wheels are Keizer and the tires are M&H.
This picture was shot shortly after getting the car assembled, plumbed and wired. Since, I have spent a
ton of time working on cleaning up the wiring and simplifying the wires and their routing. Under the parachute
lives the Sukuki Hayabusa ECM and the MSD SB6 ignition. Upshifting is handled by an MPS airshift
controller and air canon. Downshifting is manual from the cockpit via automatic transmission cable. I milled the
engine case guard from a 3/4" inch piece of 6061.
The battery lives in the rear of the car, under the parachute (with only one brake disk, caliper and master
cylinder, I thought it ould be a good idea to have a backup plan.)The coiled wire is the download cable
from the SB6 box.
The scoop is hand made from half of a super comp scoop. I fabbed the plenum and tubs from aluminum.
The car uses an MTS slider clutch set around 4000 rpm. I am happy with the unit and have no trouble
redlighting. We are seeing 1.43 60' times.
We use an RCI fuel cell and a C&R radiator that rarely gets hot.
We use an MSD fuel pump and the water overflow was stolen from my wife's backpacking gear.

After noodling around with different wiring schemes, I found this cool cooled wire bundle in
an electronics shop. The left button is airshift overide, the right is lauch control. The guage comes
from my wife's shifter kart. I use it primarily for water and head temps. I am still flumoxed by the
trying to get a tach signal.

Up front is all of the wiring connections and fuses. Note the feeble first attempt at wiring the launch and override.
Parachute release is on the right.

As of 7/1/10, the car has run 6.28 for the 1/8 mile and 9.95 131mph for the 1/4 mile. The motor is stock, except for the
MSD SB6 box and the MTS clutch. We run the car at around 130 degrees of water temp with 93 octane pump gas.