Lubricate you pin bore on the new piston. Install wrist pin, making sure you have installed the bearing.
The best way to install the NEW circlip is to use you own battle scarred fingers. Avoid using a screwdriver or probe. Make a mental note to check that both circlips are installed and seated. Failure to do this could result in spending $300 on new parts when it blows up. Locate the T mark on the piston ring. This mark always faces up when installed on the piston.
Locate the ring location pin in the ring land on the piston. Make sure the ring ends surround the pin when you install the ring, T mark facing up. Lubricate the ring with TRT NASA spec lubricant or 30 weight oil.
Lubricate the barrel with TRT NASA spec lubricant or 30 weight motor oil. With your battle scarred fingers, install the based gasket. Note the right side holes are smalled than the left side. This keeps you from screwing up and putting in the gasket incorrectly. Make sure you have the two little steel sleeves over two of the case studs.